Boulder bistro The Kitchen has a new play on yogurt–and it has nothing to do with sweet breakfast cereals in frozen yogurt. It calls its version “hung yogurt,” a creamy concoction that, as its name implies, is actually fat-free Greek yogurt strapped in cheese cloth and hung for 24 hours to shed its watery whey. The resulting cream is almost pudding-like in texture and slightly more sour than its starter culture.

Pairing this thick, tangy treat with its flourless, dark-chocolate nemesis cake is essentially a grown-up twist on a birthday classic. Like vanilla ice cream over crumbly chocolate cake, the hung yogurt softens the density of the chocolate, but its tart flavors, laced with nutmeg, also complement the deep accents of the cake. This chocolate-and-vanilla pairing should be accompanied by a port.

1039 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-544-5973