Detectives Daniel Joyce and Robert Lopez, who work for separate local law-enforcement agencies under the North Metro Task Force, are suing their respective chiefs as well as task-force supervisors. The two claim they faced retaliation after blowing the whistle on a possibly crooked cop, who may have tipped off suspects before the massive drug bust involving local restaurateur Dan Tang (via 7News). Tang, known for hosting political heavyweights like former President George W. Bush, pleaded guilty in November to drug conspiracy charges involving a money-laundering operation. Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr, a member of the Board of Governors that oversees the task force, dismisses the allegations in the suit, telling Westword, “I’ve never seen such a collection of false accusations and lies in my life.” For instance, he says, Joyce and Lopez claim task-force superiors told them and colleagues not to cooperate with an internal investigation launched by the DEA to uncover the possible cop-snitch. Some supervisors stopped working with the DEA altogether, the suit claims. Never happened, Darr says. Last summer, Westword launched an investigation into the alleged corruption. Or read their Cliffs Notes version in this timeline. Tang is scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday. Vanessa Martinez contributed to this post.