As Kelly Brough takes her new job at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, replacing Joe Blake, she’ll be leaving a void in the mayor’s office at a critical time. Brough, who gave up her job as Mayor John Hickenlooper’s chief of staff, departs as the city faces a $120 million budget deficit that “will require decisions unprecedented during his tenure,” writes The Denver Post. Thankfully, Hickenlooper says, Brough will be around for a few more weeks to ease the transition. Moreover, he adds, “The next two to three months are going to be obviously difficult, but we have the right people, and we’re ready.” Brough, who was handling issues such as wage concessions from rescue workers, was named as Blake’s replacement Friday. Blake left to become chancellor at Colorado State University. Meanwhile, the announcement of Brough’s appointment was received well by several leaders, according to the Denver Business Journal, like Chuck Ward, president of Qwest Colorado, who said, “The Denver Metro Chamber needs a leader who is flexible, innovative and open to new ideas and concepts. Brough will bring her own brand of energy, wit, intelligence, enthusiasm, and strategic thinking to the organization.”