The Denver Post allots a prominent amount of online space today to the medical marijuana debate. Rather than reporting on the subject, it provides dueling op-eds on medical marijuana, one by conservative libertarian Jessica Corrie and one by John Cooke, a a Weld County sheriff based in Greeley.

Why are we still debating medical marijuana? Colorado is one of several states who have legalized medical marijuana use for those who apply for and are granted a license to do so.

Article XVIII, Section 14 of the Colorado Constitution reads: “It shall be an exception from the state’s criminal laws for any patient or primary care-giver in lawful possession of a registry identification card to engage or assist in the medical use of marijuana … .”

Colorado law strictly limits the amount a medical user can grow or possess. Distribution remains prohibited.

It’s time to move the debate to whether marijuana possession and use should be lawful for all over the age of 18. Denver voters passed such a proposal in 2005 but because marijuana use remains unlawful under state and federal law, Denver law enforcement acts like the law doesn’t exist.

SAFER Denver is back with a new proposal for voters in November. It’s a resolution stating that enforcement of marijuana laws should be the city’s lowest enforcement priority.

I’d like to see a debate on the pros and cons of legalization of marijuana use for all.