Sonia Montoya-Cadena, known as “la Tia” or “the Aunt,” has pleaded guilty to two counts of pimping and was sentenced to eight years in prison following a bust last year of the “Mi Casa Su Casa” system of brothels that promoted prostitution and cocaine use around Denver and other cities. An associate, Jose Antonio Vigueras-Nolasco, has also pleaded guilty to pimping, receiving a four-year prison sentence, notes The Denver Post. According to an indictment, the brothels, stocked with everything from nefarious business cards to “watchmen,” collected $40 to $50 from patrons who received 15 minutes of sex; the house split the money with prostitutes. There are 15 defendants, and all are believed to be in the United States illegally. So far, eight have pleaded guilty and one defendant, Laura Yllescas, 52, had her charges dismissed. Glenwood Springs men Isidro Cortes Sanchez, whom authorities claim was a watchman at a mountain brothel, and Cristobal Berron Ocampo, a suspected co-owner of the operation, pleaded guilty to pimping last fall and were sentenced to one year in prison. The case of a third Glenwood man, Efrain Barrajas Castro, another suspected owner, is ongoing, writes the Aspen Daily News.