I’ve been reading in the papers the past few days about irate parents of out-of-state college students who have not received absentee ballots. I’m joining the club. My son still does not have his. He called the election commission last week and they assured him it was on its way. No such luck.

Likewise, his two best friends from Colorado, also students in New York, did not receive their absentee ballots. They are disenfranchised. After all the time we parents have spent instilling in our kids the importance of voting and convincing them that their vote can make a difference, why should they believe us after this? If the ballot arrives Monday, my FedEx account number should get it back to the Election office in Denver in time to be counted. But what if I didn’t have that account and he didn’t have the $10 or more for overnight shipping? And if the ballot doesn’t reach him Monday? He’s out of luck and he’s not alone.