7News reports yesterday’s Christmas snow bonanza was the most snow on the holiday in a decade. By mid-afternoon, 6.3 inches of the powder had fallen in Denver. By 6PM, I-25 was like a sheet of ice and accidents and spin-outs were plentiful. It certainly put a crimp in my holiday plans. I began the day with a drive from downtown to Alameda and Monaco to spend some time with my mom. From there I went straight home, and gave up on plans to visit various friends for Christmas dinner and good cheer. My son and I stayed housebound. Instead of a turkey dinner with all the fixins’, we had homemade chicken soup with matzoh balls. Around 7pm, we got hungry enough to think about calling in for Chinese food or pizza. No luck. Not a single place in our delivery area was open. Between midnight on Christmas Eve when we watched “Bad Santa,” through today when he watched the Incredibles and then we both watched the documentary Giuliani Time, it was about as peaceful a holiday as one could ask for. By 11 p.m., each of us got a little “cabin fever” and could have used a little excitement, but we took one look outside and said “Snow day.” To millions that may mean time to go outside and play in the snow. In my house it means staying inside, turning on the fireplace , the stereo or tv, try to find something something out of the ordinary to cook and laying on the couch watching movies while connected to our laptops and surfing the internet for the best deals on the items the kid wants that didn’t come for Christmas.

This has been a very long holiday….from Friday afternoon to Monday evening. I’m really ready to get back to work and taking charge of my life again. I hope the snow eases up so I can drive to the jail in Castle Rock tomorrow morning and the Federal Detention Center in Englewood in the afternoon. I wouldn’t want to do two lock-down holiday weekends in a row, so I’m glad I’ll be heading to Iowa to cover the caucuses from New Years’ Eve to January 4. At least we’ll be busy, hopefully reporting on some insights the mainsteam media may have missed. And the best part may be that hotels always have a restaurant open for those days when you can’t get out. So, how much more fun was your Christmas than mine?