If you haven’t seen the newest version of BigMediaBlog giant Nick Denton‘s (Wonkette, Gawker, Gizmodo ) new tabloid weblog, Sploid, take a look. Colorado had one of lead stories yesterday with the Rocky Mountain News‘ coverage of “the Motel from Hell.”

An accused drug kingpin lived in Room 34, cooking powder cocaine into crack and ordering his henchmen to beat up people who crossed him. A prostitute, sometimes offered as a free incentive to customers who bought hefty quantities of narcotics, worked in Room 38. The upstairs balcony served as an execution site after one drug deal went bad. Court documents portray the Alpine Rose, at Federal Boulevard and West 62nd Avenue, as a motel from hell. It was the scene of metro Denver’s most recent major sting – an undercover operation that has resulted in the arrests of 13 people and a manhunt for a 14th, who is said to be armed and dangerous.