A pair of twin sisters from Australia paid a visit to Cherry Creek State Park’s shooting range on Monday to fire off their guns, but they both ended up with bullets in their heads. One of the twins survived the bizarre incident, but police can’t figure out which one, writes 9News. One witness is suggesting the 29-year-old women had a suicide pact—either that, or the deaths would have to be a very tragic accident. All captain Louie Perea of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office will say is, “There are a variety of scenarios.” The names of the twins have not yet been released, as deputies are attempting to reach the family overseas.

As one woman recovers, deputies are waiting to ask her for details of what happened on the range. Surveillance video wasn’t helpful, although Doug Hamilton, the owner of the range, says the twins, who used small-caliber guns, were shot at nearly the same moment and hit the ground together. Hamilton believes “it was a deliberate shooting,” but when asked why, he answers, “From what I know of the things I cannot tell you.” Westword provides some photos of the Family Shooting Center at the park, which prides itself on safety. Yet “there’s only so much staffers can do if armed visitors feel like pointing guns at each other and squeezing their respective triggers.”