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Answer Key

Mostly A’s
We get it: You’re a loyal Mile High sports fan. But trust us, there’s more to life in this state than stadium seats. Break out of your Broncos-Avs-Nuggets-Rockies routine and try something new this year. Like, you know, actually playing a sport yourself.

Mostly B’s
With all the athletic superfreaks running around Colorado, it’s no wonder you feel a little self-conscious about your four-hour-a-day television habit. Dump your love seat this year, and go for a hike in the Rockies or a run around Cheesman Park.

Mostly C’s
You’re hard-wired. Rarely is there a moment you’re not attached to some digital screen. Heck, maybe you’re reading this on your iPhone or iPad right now. Give your retinas—and brain—a break by making 2014 the year you unplug (at least for a few hours).

Mostly D’s
Sure, it’s healthy to get out of Dodge every once in a while. But your obsessive out-of-towning means you’re missing out on all our state has to offer. Stash the air miles, and make some time to remind yourself why you’re the envy of all your friends living outside Colorado.