I am now an official convert. Yesterday I bit the bullet, and made a huge decision. I thought it over carefully, and after listening to my husband, friends, trusted advisors, and my own heart, I have become… a Mac user. It’s taken a long time to reach this point in my life. I have lived my entire life so far as a PC gal. Sure, I’ve heard the stories 0f how Apple has changed people’s lives. But I never really believed. Until now. You see, I have a little side business doing voiceovers. And since day one, my PC has had a serious attitude problem toward my audio software. I have been dealing with various issues — all frustrating and seemingly random — since day one of installing my recording equipment at home. I’ve heard, as you may have, that Mac is better for creative projects that involve audio, visual, and/or graphics. So I let my husband (who doubles as my sole source of tech support, bless his very soul) talk me into an Apple iBook yesterday. Lo and behold, we plugged in my microphone and preamp, loaded up the software, and boom — just like that — perfect audio, every time. Even my computer speakers suddenly sound fantastic. I love this thing. Of course, there are a few problems. I can’t find everything yet, and our shared server isn’t speaking to me since I banished my old Dell. (They were good buddies, but who knew?) Still. Overall, I’m happy as a clam. Count me among the converted.