favre-brettBroncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall should thank Brett Favre, after the on-again-off-again quarterback signed with the Minnesota Vikings yesterday (via NFL.com, with video).

The inevitable media hype and fixation on Favre (pictured) will take some of the heat off Marshall, who wasted no time after his acquittal on battery charges last Friday to repeat to the Broncos that he wants more dough or to be traded.

The Denver Post notes that the unhappy wide receiver practiced for the first time in weeks yesterday, just one day after his trade demands were reiterated. He did earn an apology from the team, though, after the Broncos’ public relations staff told Marshall’s teammates not to gloat over his acquittal, writes The Associated Press.

So the ongoing drama continues, but at least we’re not in Oakland, where the NFL is reportedly investigating whether Raiders head coach Tom Cable punched one of his assistant coaches in the face earlier this month, possibly breaking his jaw (via The Associated Press). Cable has denied the reports, and some media outlets are taking him at face value. But Fox Sports columnist Kevin Hench doesn’t buy Cable’s denial.

“Here’s why I’m inclined to believe it,” he writes. “It’s the Raiders, for crying out loud.”