It was perhaps the Denver Nuggets’ biggest victory in nearly 25 years. The Nuggets pulled off a gritty 106-103 victory over the Lakers in Los Angeles during Game 2 of the National Basketball Association’s Western Conference finals. It was the first time the Nuggets beat the Lakers in the playoffs since 1985, reports The Associated Press, as Carmelo Anthony continued his playoff run, scoring 34 points. 

The Los Angeles Times says the Nuggets stole the game and now have the home-court advantage for Game 3 on Saturday at the Pepsi Center (6:30 p.m., ABC). While sloppy fouls and puzzling coaching decisions marked the Nuggets’ loss in Game 1, coach George Karl (the subject of a recent 5280 profile), often strangely flanked by actor Jack Nicholson last night, turned his team around. Even Sports Illustrated has taken note of the Nuggets’ unlikely, magical season.