A staggering 322 city of Denver employees have accepted incentives to retire from their jobs in a move that will help salvage at least $11 million of Mayor John Hickenlooper’s tight budget. An offer of $500 a month for 30 months after departure has been extended to 932 long-time employees, according to the Denver Business Journal. In September, the mayor proposed layoffs of 176 city workers to help contend with a $120 million budget shortfall. The retirements, city officials tell 9News, should help reduce that number to fewer than 80. The city is poised to fill about half of the new vacancies “to avoid interruption of vital services to the community,” notes a statement from Hickenlooper’s office. Meanwhile, the University of Colorado is preparing the next generation for the workplace, helping students learn everything from assessing their first job offers to planning for retirement. Susie Jacobs, manager of communications in the bursar’s office, tells Boulder’s Daily Camera, “It’s important now because of the economy. Everyone is struggling. It’s become hip to be frugal.”