Babette’s Artisan Bakery is a love story. With his lovely new wife by his side, baker Steve Scott has opened an ode to French Country baking inside the Source. He’s thoughtful when discussing Babette’s baked goods, from the crusty pumpkin seed and pain aux raisins to the Breton butter cakes and morning buns. “It’s all in the caramelization,” Scott says, “We bake our breads until a rich deep caramelization happens in the bread, which is our secret to really great flavor.” He also credits extra hydration in the baking process that allows his loaves to retain moisture after they emerge from the oven.

Scott’s practiced technique was honed by working with talented bakers in San Francisco, Petaluma (where he baked bread sold at Bouchon and the French Laundry), and Florida. Ultimately, he landed in Colorado after he realized that hurricane season didn’t suit him. Here in the metro area, Scott says that Maurizio Negrini, Udi’s baker-extraordinaire, made the greatest impact on his baking.

Now it’s Scott’s turn to make a lasting impression, “I want Babette’s to be a destination bakery for people who really love truly artisanal bread.” You can count me in.

Tip: With this week’s opening of Boxcar Coffee in the Source, Babette’s almond-studded croissants and swirled morning buns now have a perfect pairing.

3350 Brighton Blvd., 303-573-0781