When the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission isn’t dealing with issues such as proposed drilling near an underground nuclear blast site, it’s trying to find out exactly why the water that comes out of some kitchen taps in the Fort Lupton area catches fire. That’s right: It bursts into flames. Renee McClure tells 7News that she was “shocked” when she saw her son turn on the water and then ignite it using a cigarette lighter: “My horses and animals drink it. My kids drink it. I want to know if it’s safe.” But the mystery may be close to being solved. According to the Greeley Tribune, David Neslin, director of the commission, told members that nearby gas wells were replugged as a precautionary measure. The Denver Post reports that preliminary analysis by the county shows natural-gas drilling may be the cause. But that notion riles consultants for Bill Barrett Corp., EnCana Oil & Gas USA Inc., and Williams Cos. Inc.—three companies that have challenged the commission’s finding.