The Denver Post is reporting that some Democrats are pushing Colorado Representative John Salazar to run for Governor because he’s pro-choice and has “that rural connection.”

Why cause a primary fight? Why not accept that Ritter is the candidate with the most support (see Jason Bane’s ‘s post yesterday) and work towards unifying the party rather than dividing it?

We don’t know that the Supreme Court will overrule Roe v. Wade. We don’t even know that Harriet Miers would cast a vote in favor of overturning the decision.

“With her conservative judicial philosophy, she understands that judges must not legislate from the bench,” said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the conservative American Center for Law and Justice and a Miers supporter. “And while she may hold personal views that underscore the value of human life, it would be wrong for those views to be used against her in the confirmation process.”

….”A candidate taking a political position in the course of a campaign is different from the role of a judge making a ruling in the judicial process.” said Jim Dyke, a White House spokesman.

The job of Governor is larger than a single issue. Why don’t we look at who has the most relevant experience? I’d like to hear from John Salazar suppporters how they think he has distinguished himself as a leader in Congress.