Think of Ben as a genetic Frankenstein’s monster, except in this case, the monster is incredibly cute and cuddly. Born Friday on a farm east of Campion, Ben is a miniature panda-cow, one of just 24 in the world. He’s the product of 44 years of genetic manipulation, an eight-breed composite based on prior strains of miniature cattle, writes Loveland’s Reporter-Herald. The tiny cow takes its name from its panda-like black-and-white colorings. Chris and Pam Jessen, whose farm also boasts other miniature animals, including a kangaroo, tell ABC’s Good Morning America they plan to sell Ben, who apparently can bring in around $25,000. Holding the cow in front of the camera, Chris Jessen adds, “Probably the most amazing thing, aside from the fact that he’s rare, is that he’s on the couch right now.”