Boxes are in. For a monthly fee, consumers can order curated containers of snacks, booze, clothes, grooming-slash-beauty products, and other seemingly endless varieties of stuff.

Now a Denver-based company is hopping on the boxy bandwagon, catering to a market effectively ignored until now—geeks. Geek Fuel’s prices start at just under $15 per month, plus shipping and handling, which entitles you to monthly shipments of tchotchkes from such nerd-eriffic brands as DC and Marvel Comics, Nintendo and Playstation, the Star Wars merchandising juggernaut, and the dweeb mothership itself: Comic Con International.

It’s up to the Geek Fuel team to scour the globe for the newest toys, games, and etceteras to please and delight nerds everywhere. (No easy task, considering that its audience is all about authenticity and can be a little persnickety about their doodads and gewgaws.)

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A recent sample box included a small Halo Mega Blok action figure, a deck of Princess Bride playing cards, the first edition of Valiant’s Armor Hunters, an Eye of Sauron poster that doubles as a recipe for a rather unusual comic-themed dish, a C-3PO Pez dispenser, and a numbered, limited-edition Geek Fuel T-shirt. The box also includes a pamphlet from the company that serves as its monthly newsletter, updating customers about current and upcoming products and outlining its founders’ vision and poindexter bona fides.

With the holidays approaching, it can be tough to find the right presents for someone who has highly specific tastes. But thankfully, the proudly card-carrying dorks at Geek Fuel are happy to do it for you.

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