Are you going on a mid-morning hike or a two-week trek? It’s a valid question when you’re headed out the door with a brood of kids and all the “things” they need. We won’t begin to anticipate the must-haves for your family’s outings, but we did find four Colorado products that shouldn’t be left at home and the backpack to haul them around in:

Eco Vessel Frost Water Bottle: There are three water bottle-related malfunctions that can really send a day trip into a tailspin: the water gets warm, the bottle sweats worse than you, or the the liquid leak all over your backpack. If said water bottle belongs to a child, then all these issues can lead to a meltdown. Avoid all three with this triple-insulated, stainless steel water bottle from Boulder-based Eco Vessel. The BPA-free Frost keeps water cold for up to 36 hours and the flip-top straw halts spillage.

Eco Vessel Bold Colorado Flag Bottle: To be fair, parents ought to have their own hydration accessory, as well. Bonus if it’s covered in Colorado pride. This BPA-free, stainless steel bottle has two caps on top: a wide opening to fill with ice and small opening to sip from.

NeatCheeks: Washing a toddler’s face can be a real struggle. It was too much for local moms Danielle Stangler and Julia Rossi, who scored a deal with Barbara Corcoran on ABC’s Shark Tank to invent disposable wipes that emit a Stevia-sweetened taste that a messy-faced kid can’t resist.

Two Moms in the Raw Granola Bars and Nut Bars: Grab your goodness checklist for these coconut nectar-sweetened bars: gluten free, 100 percent organic, raw, sprouted, vegan, and paleo. Our favorite (yes, they have been kid-approved) are the Bring on the Blueberry Granola, Cranberry Chia Granola, and Cacao Nib Nut Bar.

Topo Designs Trip Pack: When taking a day trip, it’s common for the family gear to change backs. So it’s nice when dad doesn’t have to sport a glittery Hello Kitty bag, and when it’s junior’s turn, that the backpack doesn’t hang down to his knees. Enter the Topo Designs Trip Pack. Its slender design—and only 16 inches tall—fits kids as young as six years old, as well as adults. No matter who takes a turn, this versatile, Colorado-made backpack is the ideal hauler for adventure gear.