Tucked behind Union Station, The Pig & The Sprout resides in a section of LoDo in flux. Despite the new apartment buildings, construction crews busy at work, and the addition of a King Soopers on 20th and Chestnut, the streets here still feel stark and lifeless in contrast with those on the other side of Union Station. The apartments might be filling up, but other businesses—like restaurants—are just beginning to arrive.

The Pig & The Sprout, located on the corner of 19th and Chestnut, is leading the charge. It’s the second concept from Andy Ganick, the man behind Stapleton’s Berkshire restaurant. While both names bear porky references, The Pig & The Sprout is markedly less bacon-focused than its predecessor. The menu hinges on the dichotomy between meaty indulgences (the pig) and lighter, plant-based fare (the sprout). Executive chef Rhett Clark (formerly of Mercantile Dining & Provision) offers plenty to appease both burger lovers and vegetarians alike—from crispy Buffalo pig tails to a tofu French dip with foraged mushrooms. That duality is even reflected in the decor: Abundant natural light and soft touches (like a shelf stacked with cheerfully hued vintage books) balance the plentiful televisions and harsh edges of concrete and steel.

If you go, don’t miss the spring vegetable salad from the “Sprout” half of the menu, a textural composition of English peas, charred frisée, house-made ricotta, sugar snap peas, and lentils. For good measure, pair it with the tender sliced brisket entrée from the “Pig” side, which is served with charred scallions and an addictive gochujang barbecue sauce.

Over the next few weeks, keep your eyes out for The Pig & The Sprout’s forthcoming sidewalk patio—it should make a nice spot for a lunch meeting or a pre-Rockies game beer. And soon enough, other restaurants will begin to populate this slice of LoDo, including the highly anticipated Tavernetta by Frasca and North Carolina-import Tupelo Honey Cafe.

1900 Chestnut Place, 720-535-9719

Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin is a writer living in Westminster, and has been covering food and sustainability in the Centennial State for more than five years.