The Rocky Mountain News trumpets their win of two Pulitzer prizes.

Work at the newspaper came to a virtual halt as word spread that reporter Jim Sheeler and photographer Todd Heisler had won journalism’s highest honor.

Though there was cheering and champagne, both men both choked up with emotion as they spoke about getting to know the Marines who served on “funeral duty” and the families they worked with for the report called “Final Salute,” published on Veterans Day last Nov. 9.

Even the Denver Post was excited for them.

I feel like Wonkette.

We scrolled all the way to the bottom but didn’t see our names. Just gonna sit here pressing F5 until we do. [FishBowlDC]

I drink a toast to the well-deserved honor bestowed on the Rocky reporter and photographer. But, I have to ask, why are there no Pulitzer categories for bloggers?

[Or magazines? — Ed.]