The number of U.S. workers filing new claims for unemployment benefits jumped last week to the highest level in six months, notes The Wall Street Journal.

But a rough economic outlook doesn’t necessarily mean workers with solid jobs are quietly satisfied with their lot. In fact, it seems many people have a Jet Blue flight attendant like Steven Slater inside them just waiting to come out.

Forty percent of U.S. professionals are thinking about quitting their jobs after the summer, burned out because they haven’t been promoted, don’t like their bosses, or feel overworked. That’s according to a Regus survey cited by the Denver Business Journal, which points out that summer vacations likely gave many employees the opportunity to reflect on what they want from their careers.

Businesses that fail to evaluate what their employees want may lose some of their best talent in the coming year. Back in March, the Denver Business Journal’s Bruce Goldberg cited other research showing that 60 percent of workers are unhappy with their jobs and plan to leave for greener pastures this year.

As for Slater, he was initially considered a working-class hero after snapping at a passenger over an airplane’s intercom, grabbing two beers, and jumping down the emergency chute of the jet earlier this week. He may face charges as a result and now says he wants another job—back in the air, reports New York Daily News.

Meanwhile, Alex Bogusky—regarded in some camps as the hottest advertising talent around for his work on the campaigns of companies like Burger King, Dominoes, and Microsoft, among others—left his post with Crispin Porter + Bogusky back in April after realizing that his values, particularly around food politics and health, clashed with too many of the company’s clients.

Fast Company dedicates significant space to Bogusky’s new approach to life and career in Boulder. But Bogusky, who came in at number 40 on our 5280 Fifty list of local power players earlier this year, takes issue with some of Fast Company’s assessments, using his blog to “fill in the blanks.”

Vanessa Martinez contributed to this post.