Like, ohmygod! The Real World cast has been spotted? Really? Last night the the Real World entourage was invading Zengo, and today they lunched at Jackson’s Hole. Seems they don’t stray too far from their LoDo lair.

Ugh. I’m already so sick of hearing about this troupe, and we’ve got weeks to go before they split town and hit the MTV editing rooms, most likely turning Denver into some kind of embarrassing hickville in the process.

However… as long as the group is trotting around town, we’ll all be curiously snooping and spotting them all over downtown, like it or not. I figure, since I can’t seem to avoid hearing about this idiotic show, I may as well allow myself to be sucked in, kinda like that thing that happens to me when I drive past Taco Bell late at night after a concert. I know it’s junk, but I do it anyway. (I tried watching the first season and was miserable. Couldn’t do it then, still can’t stand the show now. But you know I’ll have to see what they do when it’s time to butcher our little cow town.)

Wanna snoop, or report a sight-em? Here’s the place to go: Guess if you can’t beat ’em, you may as well join ’em.