Last night, after traipsing around Cherry Creek for a bar tour, I popped into the Rockbar at the All-Inn Motel on Colfax for the first induction ceremony into the new Rockbar Hall of Fame. Concert promoter Barry Fey was their first official inductee, and though I missed the main celebration, the revelry was still in winding-down mode at 11 p.m. last night. Organizer Jerri Theil said it was one of those nights that will never happen again; Fey was roasted by some of his old concert buddies and co-workers and seemed to rather enjoy the attention. Granted, no less than three different people commented to me that the “roasting” wasn’t much more than a few flat speeches, and they assured me that I hadn’t really missed much by arriving late. Still, it’s a fun idea, and Fey’s induction leaves some large shoes to fill for the next name to score a plaque on the Rockbar Hall of Fame.