It seems when the Colorado Rockies really need strong pitching from Aaron Cook, he lets the team down. The ugly trend continued last night at Coors Field, where Cook gave up four runs in the first inning en route to a 10-0 drubbing by the San Francisco Giants, the Rockies’ worst home loss of the year.

“Every team is giving me trouble this year,” Cook (pictured) tells The Denver Post. “I have been pitching badly.”

To wit: Cook is 0-3 over his last three starts, with an alarming 13.98 ERA. Major League Baseball pitchers fall apart all the time, but it’s particularly troubling to watch Cook’s rough run this year. Cook is the team’s winningest and longest-tenured pitcher.

“I would line up behind [Cook] any day,” beleaguered first baseman Todd Helton says. “He’s just going through a tough stretch.”

It’s not like the Rockies bats came to the rescue last night, either, despite putting up 40 runs over the team’s past four wins. The Rox logged just three hits, one of which came from relief pitcher Taylor Buchholz, points out Purple Row.

The Rockies are now more than six games behind the Giants in the wild-card race and more than seven games behind the Padres in the division race (MLB standings here).