The Colorado Rockies are doing their part to turn local sports fans’ frowns (see Denver Broncos) upside down, as the team plans to announce a major investment in fan favorite Troy Tulowitzki and pitcher Jorge De La Rosa. The Denver Post reports that the Rockies and Tulo have agreed on a seven-year, $134 million contract extension, making him the second-highest paid Rockie ever and keeping him at Coors Field through the 2020 season. The 26-year-old proved in 2010 that he may be the best shortstop in the league, hitting .315 with 27 home runs and 95 RBIs, despite missing more than 30 games with a broken right wrist.

Not everybody is feeling the Rockies’ decision, however. An MSNBC columnist wonders why the Rockies would shell out that much dough when Tulo was already under contract through 2014, pointing out that the Rockies have already seen how a long-term deal can go bad (Todd Helton, nine years, $141 million), a sentiment shared by Yahoo! Sports.

The Rockies will also soon announce the re-signing of left-handed pitcher Jorge De La Rosa to a two-year, $21.5 million contract. The Post reports that after the season ended, De La Rosa wanted a four-year deal, but the Rockies weren’t willing to oblige. But apparently De La Rosa, perhaps the team’s best pitcher behind Ubaldo Jimenez, wants to stick with the team that helped him resurrect his career. “I think we can officially stop bellyaching about [team owners] the Monfort brothers’ willingness to spend money,” writes Purple Row.