The Colorado Rockies 2012 season comes to an end on Wednesday in Arizona. Colorado (mercifully) won’t lose 100 games this year, though the team recently set a new low-bar for the franchise. With at least 97 losses, this year’s Rockies are the worst team in franchise history. Even worse? The record came in the team’s self-proclaimed “year of the fan.” Gee, thanks.

So what does this team—and more importantly, you—have to do to overhaul the Rockies next year?

1. You’re not helping: The team wins, you go to games. The team loses, you go to games. Why would the front office make changes if you keep lining their pockets?

2. We get it, pitching is important: The team needs pitchers who can make it work in Coors Field, around the league, and in whatever rotation manager Jim Tracy has to work with. Period.

3. Jim or Dan?: If things don’t shape up next year—and there aren’t major changes at the top with either Tracy or general manager Dan O’Dowd—baseball in Denver could become hopeless for a very long time.

4. It’s so hard to say goodbye: Todd Helton had his 2012 season cut short with injury, but the 15-year first baseman has said he’s returning next year. We love you, Todd, but it’s time to step aside and let the Rockies move on.

Image courtest of Shutterstock