The Colorado Rockies last took the field in a losing effort to the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2009 National League Division Series. Since then, the team has been rebuilding, and the time has come to see what they’re made of. The Rockies open the 2010 season today against the Milwaukee Brewers at 12:10 p.m. at Miller Park, with the first home game coming Friday afternoon at Coors Field against the Padres (via

In the meantime, the hype continues, with local outlets going all out. Fox 31 calls today the beginning of the “most anticipated season in franchise history,” adding that with solid pitching, continued top-notch management from manager Jim Tracy, and one of the best defensive units in the league (on paper), Rockies fans will have a lot to cheer about.

The Denver Post gets into the act with a big special section dominated by discussion of shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and his importance to the team’s success. Tulo (right) is thought to be perhaps the most important player in the Rockies’ success this season. The Post also offers a dose of reality from inside the clubhouse.

“I don’t think any of us really give a flip, to be honest with you,” Rockies general manager Dan O’Dowd tells the Post, in a separate article. “We know [the hype] doesn’t mean a whole lot.”

O’Dowd is right, of course: The Rockies haven’t won anything yet, and his words are also reflected in Las Vegas betting lines. lists the Rockies as a 20-1 pick to win, tied with or behind 10 other teams. The Web site doesn’t even have the Rockies winning their own division, putting them behind the Los Angeles Dodgers in the running for the National League Championship.

That’s fine. Let the Dodgers sleep on the Rockies. It’ll just make it that much sweeter when the Rox come out on top in September.