Last Friday’s dancefest in the basement at Vinyl was technically called the Basement Sessions, with guest DJ Lee Burridge doing his third week of a month-long residency at the club. But the A/C was out, the night was warm, and the room was so sweaty and humid that I think my pores received a nice steam-cleaning. Definitely a “hot” scene. My friends and I dubbed the event the Sauna Sessions and were both vaguely disgusted by the sticky environment and also thrilled that the hot, sweaty scene marked the beginning of the summertime club crowds. Still, the place rocked, with Orange Peel Moses’ birthday bash on the main floor, and hip hop and top 40 mixes on the rooftop patio (where we retreated hourly for doses of fresh air).

This Friday’s set with Lee Burridge and Sasha switching it up should bring an even better crowd. I’ll be dropping in late — gotta catch the new UK alt-goth boys Editors at the Bluebird first — but after last week I can’t miss this big blowout. Let’s just hope they get the air back on, or I’ll have to suffer through another human-generated steam bath.