Investigators say Tiffany Hartley is not a suspect in her husband’s death, which occurred last week at Falcon Lake, on the Mexico border. That means the investigation is being driven by the account that her husband, David, a Colorado native, was shot by pirates on the Mexican side of the lake while the couple was jet skiing (via Fox News).

A local sheriff tells The Denver Post, which has dispatched a reporter to the area, that extensive evidence, including an eyewitness who saw Tiffany Hartley being chased by a small boat with several men, corroborates her story. One piece of evidence highlights the tragedy: Blood was smeared on Tiffany’s life jacket, as if she’d tried to pull her husband out of the lake and onto her watercraft, as she has stated to the press. Moreover, other crimes against U.S. citizens, including robberies earlier this year, have taken place at the lake.

Meanwhile, drug cartels threatening ambush have delayed the search for David Hartley’s body, writes The Associated Press. U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar says Mexican authorities are attempting to find the body while ensuring the safety of their deputies. “People that are trying to do their job on the Mexican side are facing a risk,” he says. “They’re right inside the hornets’ nest….They had to suspend the search” Wednesday before resuming again on Thursday.