Jose Medina, a 21-year-old valet at Denver’s Rockstar Lounge, was assisting a driver out of a vehicle last weekend when a white pickup truck with tinted windows and Colorado license plate 895-VYF struck him (via 9News). Witnesses say they saw Medina’s body fly about 100 feet away from the scene, but the truck did not stop. Joshua Mukebay, a security guard at an apartment building across the street, says he heard a bang so loud he thought it was gunfire before he saw the pickup speed off. A taxi driver pursued the truck and supplied the license number, but Medina could not be saved.

Police say the truck is a 2003 to 2005 GMC Sierra with an extended cab, but they have not disclosed the owners of the vehicle, notes the Denver Post. Andy Rosen, a former valet parking attendant, tells 7News working as a valet can be a dangerous job in a busy location like Rockstar, on Lincoln Street and East 9th Avenue. “You’re waiting by the driver’s side door, which means you’re basically standing in the street,” Rosen adds. “So, somebody makes a wrong move, a drunk driver swerves into you, and that’s it.”