I’m the Goldilocks of chai. Bhakti Chai is too spicy; Oregon Chai is too sweet; Third Street just isn’t my cup of tea. I’ve been searching for that “just right” chai since I acquired a taste for the beverage at my family’s go-to Indian restaurant as a presumptuous preteen. (Capital Tea’s chai is a contender, but too much of a drive to be a daily fix.)

So when I biked the few blocks from my Cheesman Park residence to the newly opened Onefold on 18th Avenue in search of a line-free breakfast joint, I wasn’t prepared to also discover the illusive object of my age-old quest.

Not only did Onefold offer a calm and friendly place to relish an impeccably prepared brunch, but the culinary love child of two Denver natives carries a subtly spiced, delicately sweetened, Denver-made chai concentrate.

The Sophisticate’s Chai began as the basement project of owner Trinity Hindman. As a young mother struggling to pay the bills, she created her chai recipe to give as presents during the holidays. Her philosophy stems from simplicity, and the delightful concoction—which contains only black tea, spices, sugar, and honey—is skillfully balanced to suit my persnickety palate. Onefold serves the tea hot or cold for $4, and also sells bottles of the Sophisticate’s black tea and the Sophisticate’s Chai concentrate for $9.95 each.

Reminder: Onefold’s locally sourced food shouldn’t be overlooked. Their international assortment of straightforward but thoughtful morning cuisine is simple and delightful. Try the bacon fried rice for a savory and surprising new breakfast choice featuring Denver-based Tender Belly bacon.

1420 E. 18th Ave., 303-906-1705