The Colorado Rockies are finally near the top of a list of major league teams for something—but it’s not exactly an honor.

The website Urine Feces Everywhere—yes, that’s really the name—ranked Coors Field No. 6 on a list of baseball’s least-sanitary stadiums. Among a slew of criteria, checked out restroom designs and whether ballparks encouraged hand-washing. The results were not flattering for Denver:

We found it odd that a park built in 1995 would have trough sinks in the restrooms, but there they were there [sic]. Trough sinks, like trough toilets, spray contagions several feet out and around the trough where patrons are standing and trying to clean their hands. They are getting sprayed with the bacteria that are on the person next to them. How sanitary is that?

For anyone interested, Chicago’s Wrigley Field rated as the least-sanatary stadium, while St. Louis’ Busch Stadium was the most-sanitary.

—Image courtesy of Shutterstock