A fight emanating from Denver’s Club Vinyl resulted in a shooting around 2 a.m., which prompted an exchange of gunfire between police and an unnamed suspect, leaving a woman in the hospital (via 9News). The case adds to the slate of violent crimes that have kept police more busy than usual lately. While auto thefts and property thefts were down in 2009, violent crimes, including homicides, were up by 12 percent. And rapes in Denver last year increased by 23 percent to 343, a number a Denver police spokesman claims might be attributed to victims feeling more comfortable reporting their assaults. The information is detailed in a statewide crime report that has left officials perplexed. As violent crimes for all categories in the United States dropped by 5.5 percent, all violent crimes in Colorado went up by 3.4 percent, notes The Denver Post. Yet the state remains stable when it comes to other crime. All crime categories in Colorado were up by 0.4 percent last year, but an increase in the state’s population means that the crime rate per 100,000 residents dropped by one percent.