The mortgage meltdown has reached the heights of Genesee Mountain, west of Denver, where a familiar, futuristic house is perched. The good news, if you’re Denver businessman Michael Dunahay, founder of Vacation Solutions LLC, is that your UFO-like home is no longer in foreclosure. The bad news is that you’ve still got to pay off $3.13 million, writes the Denver Business Journal. But the “Sculptured House,” known to the rest of Colorado as the “Sleeper House” after it was featured in Woody Allen’s 1973 film, “Sleeper,” is a prize at three stories and 7,000 square feet. Dunahay bought the home from software mogul John Huggins, who was fascinated by it since his childhood, according to a Forbes feature of the house in 2002. Back then, Huggins listed the house at $10 million, but it remained on the market for years. Then Dunahay scored, snapping it up for just $3.43 million.