The Rolling Stones rocked the Pepsi Center Thanksgiving night. Rocky Mountain News music critic Mark Brown writes this glowing review.

Looking even more weathered than recent photos have suggested, the Stones showed the Pepsi Center on Thursday night that age literally doesn’t matter.

Each Stones tour since the early ’90s has surpassed the one before it. Each tour has a sharper focus than the one before. Unbelievably, the band gets better and tighter as players. Mick Jagger remains every bit the frantic frontman the band needs.

I agree. I have seen the Stones every time they’ve played Denver/Fort Collins since 1978. I’ve flown to Las Vegas to see them. Even though I might be prejudiced — just short of fanatical, one might say — this show was the best yet. I was fortunate to be in the Pepsi Center’s #1 box , with enough room in front of me to dance. The view was great, the sound superb and I didn’t sit down from the second they came onstage until after the encore. I danced, sang along and waved my arms with every song. Happily, the other boxmates, which included Denver luminaries Steve Farber, Steve Chotin, Jim Sullivan and Steve Rosdal, didn’t throw me out.

Jagger was like a rubber band and the energizer bunny rolled into one. Keith Richards spoke more than I’ve ever heard him – and smoked a cigarette onstage despite the Pepsi’s smoking ban. (No one asked him to put it out or arrested him.)

You can see the set list of tunes played here. One of the night’s best performances was the tribute to Ray Charles “Night Time Is the Right Time ” by Mick and Lisa Fisher. Fisher was on fire and just riveting when she belted out her lines.

I could have stayed another hour.