Wynkoop Brewing Company and Breckenridge Brewing, two of Denver’s oldest and most popular beer makers, have entered a joint venture to share operations and marketing, reports The Denver Post.

The announcement comes just as Wynkoop has revealed that it plans to brew a new ale, at least tentatively, in honor of brewery co-founder and Governor-elect John Hickenlooper, notes Westword. Brewers will make the first batch of “InaugurAle” this Saturday using malt, oak chips, beet sugar (“because Hick could not be beat”), and other ingredients. As Wynkoop spokesman Marty Jones explains, the brew is “extra strength,” which is “required when taking on the governorship in hard times. We designed a beer that is more malty and hoppy, because we didn’t want it to be to bitter and rule out people from either party. It’s a bi-partisan beer.”

As for the new joint venture, it will be a 50-50 deal run by a board of managers, writes the Denver Business Journal. The brands will retain their identities but can now share facilities. For example, Wynkoop can use Breckenridge’s brewing facility to ramp up canning operations, and Breckenridge will tap Wynkoop employees for expertise in the restaurant business as it expands its ale houses.