The crash of a miniature train in Tiny Town earlier this week appears to be the result of bad driving by the engineer.

As the train approached a sharp turn, the engineer noticed it was moving too fast, but when he reached for the brakes, he accidentally grabbed the accelerator instead, reports 9News, causing the train and several open cars to topple. Numerous people were injured, including 15 who were hurt so badly they had to be taken to several area hospitals for a range of injuries from broken bones to bruises.

Sara Richardson, a witness, confirms the theory that the engineer lost control of the train: “It looked to me like the engineer was trying to pull on a lever or crank, something to get it stopped. He knew it was out of control.”

Tiny Town, a 95-year-old attraction with more than 100 kid-sized buildings, remains closed after the incident but is expected to reopen Friday. The train won’t be back in action until at least next week, according to 7News.