Given all the attention paid to Carmelo Anthony and his contract stalemate with the Denver Nuggets, the team’s other players have often lately been ignored. Now, one of the Nuggets’ most vocal members, Kenyon Martin, says he’s upset he didn’t receive a contract-extension offer over the summer. Martin will make $16.5 million this season, the final year of a seven-year, $90 million contract.

“I don’t want to leave,” Martin says (via The Denver Post). “I ain’t happy. [Team execs] know it. Everybody knows it.” He adds that he won’t make the contract dispute a distraction for the team, but he won’t push his recovery from a knee injury, either. “Ain’t nobody in a hurry to give me [a contract extension], so why would I be in a hurry to rush back and risk further injury?”

Anthony and coach George Karl held their first private meeting since last year, but the talk focused more on playing tough this year than on Melo’s commitment to the Nuggets, writes The Denver Post. Neither Anthony nor Karl are openly discussing the specifics of the conversation, but both say the emphasis of their meeting was on what happens on the basketball court, not in the meeting room.

Meanwhile, Newsday (free registration required) reports that the New York Knicks believe they can secure a future first-round draft pick to trade with the Nuggets in order to make a deal work for Melo—despite the fact that the Knicks don’t have top draft picks of their own to trade until at least 2014. The Knicks were the first team rumored to be angling for Melo’s services as a free agent, but the lack of a first-round draft pick to trade was thought to have killed any potential deal.