Okay, so we all know United Airlines has been in bankruptcy and faced tough financial decisions. But why do so many of their decisions hurt their workers?

United has cut more than $7 billion in expenses during the past three years by eliminating its pension plans, reducing its work force and lowering wages and benefits, among other things. Last year, United announced plans to outsource about 650 U.S. telephone-reservations jobs to India, which involved closing a center in Bloomington, Ind. It has also outsourced reservations jobs to Canada.

I used up my frequent flyer miles over a year ago. I had gotten addicted to United’s upgrade system and after twenty or so packed flights in first class where I felt like a sardine, while paying an extra $200 in coupons for the dubious privilege, I went cold turkey. I got hooked on Frontier on the first flight. Why? DirectTV. Each seat has it’s own monitor and 24 channels, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and movie channels. It’s on from the moment you sit in your seat before takeoff until the plane pulls up to the arriving gate. United seems to be penalizing its work force while not using the savings to benefit passengers. Friendly skies? For whom?