When in need of serious R&R, it’s good to have a plan. So as I prepare for my nice, lazy, relaxing weekend (no looming deadlines!) I’m sitting down to work out my schedule. Kind of defeats the purpose, right? But still, I’m looking forward to it.

Tonight I’m bundling up and heading out to join the Guinness folks on their tour of Denver. We’ll hit four pubs and still be home by midnight if all goes as planned. (NOTE — I just found out that Nallen’s has been added to the the list of Guinness stops; Fergal Murray will kick off tonight’s bar crawl there first, around 6 p.m. The rest of the tour will continue as formerly scheduled.)

Tomorrow I’m meeting girlfriends early for coffee before I head to the Aspire Day Spa for my reward for finishing my book manuscript. I’m thinking a hot stone massage and facial will be just what the doctor ordered. Then Saturday night I’m taking an old friend out on the prowl. He’s newly single and ready to meet someone new. Trouble is, he’s been hitting the wrong places and can’t seem to find the cool chicks in his age group (early 30s). So I’ll be doing bar crawl #2 of the weekend, and we’ll go to Cherry Creek to hit Brix, North, Sketch, and Bar Luxe. We’ll see what he thinks of my choices, but I’m fairly certain the the crowd will better suit his tastes than the too-young crowd at the dance clubs he’s been frequenting.

By Sunday, I’m thinking I’ll be sleeping late and couch-surfing for at least half the day, but I’ll surely be feeling like I’ve had my mini-vacation. Nothing like a little R&R.