For a sign of how evictions in Denver are playing out, look to a company called “America’s Foreclosure Defense” at According to The Denver Post, the man who ran AFD, Sherron L. Lewis Jr., was committing consumer fraud by targeting elderly and vulnerable people, filing lawsuits on their behalf although he has no legal experience. It’s no wonder Lewis has been so successful. Census data show that many Americans are moving these days because they’ve been forced out of their current residence, most likely because they did not have the money to stay. According to a 2009 survey, people in 191,000 households were evicted—a 127 percent increase over the last survey, from 2007, writes 9News. Denver sheriff’s deputies have helped carry out 1,005 evictions so far this year. If the trend holds steady, it will be a slight increase over 2009, when 1,748 households were evicted. The study also indicates that 18 percent of the participating households moved to a “worse” home and that 10 percent of homes are now occupied by five or more people. Denver isn’t likely alone. The Associated Press reports that home foreclosures are on the rise in most U.S. metropolitan areas and that “more than one million American households are likely to lose their homes to foreclosure this year.”