The Denver Nuggets were on the wrong end of history last night in a blowout, 144-113 loss to the pedestrian Indiana Pacers. The third quarter was particularly bad, with the Nuggets allowing the Pacers to make 20 of 21 shots from the floor, racking up 54 points. reports that the Pacers’ third-quarter performance tied for the second-highest third-quarter point total ever; ranks fourth for the most points ever scored in any NBA quarter; and was probably the best shooting percentage (.952) by any team in any quarter, ever. Oh, and it possibly set the record for most consecutive shots made (video via CBS Sports).

The Denver Stiffs‘ game recap accuses the Nuggets’ defense of being nonexistent, calling the game Denver’s “first butt-whooping of the season.” As head coach George Karl says, “The dike broke, the dam broke, and the flood hit us. We know that happens three or four times a year” (via The Associated Press).

To be fair, it was the Nuggets’ fifth game in seven nights, and they could have overlooked the Pacers in favor of the Lakers, who they’ll play Thursday night at the Pepsi Center. One guy who won’t be at Thursday’s game is Bret Bearup, a “larger than life personality” who was fired yesterday from his position as senior adviser to the Nuggets’ front office, writes The Denver Post.

Bearup was key to some of the biggest trades in team history, including the deals that brought in Allen Iverson and Chauncey Billups. He was a big proponent of the four-team deal that almost moved Carmelo Anthony to the New Jersey Nets. Agents and scouts around the league are wondering what impact his absence will have on the Melo situation, points out the New York Daily News.