Joey McIntyre has got the right stuff—he hopes. The New Kids on the Block stud is headlining a one-man, autobiographical musical that’s launching at the Denver Center on August 29. The Kid is a developmental show, meaning it’s a finished production but adjustments can and will be made throughout the run based on audience and crew feedback. We caught up with the singer to get the scoop.

5280: What inspired you to make this musical?

Joey McIntyre: I can’t help it. I grew up on the stage. The cool thing is that part of the process of doing [the show] is not totally knowing the why. That’s the fun part of being a performer. I’m going to find out a lot about this show that I don’t know right now. Denver is our first time in front of an audience.

5280: What’s The Kid about?

Getting involved with NKOTB and that whole experience, and then, because that happened at such a young age, having to really stop having [true] teen years and then all of a sudden go “Now what?” and trying to navigate through that stuff—that’s a big part of the show. But it starts when I’m very young and with my family. It’ll be interesting whether you’re a New Kids fan or not.

5280: But NKOTB fans can expect to hear some familiar music?

We play everything from theater [songs] to New Kids to Nat King Cole to my original stuff—and a few surprises.

5280: Why should people come see it?

It’s a story about family and a story I hope will touch people and make people think about their lives and their journey, not just mine. To me, that’s interesting, to see someone navigate through a show. The cool thing is it’s the beginning. Theatergoers like being a part of it at the beginning and seeing it come to life.

5280: I hear the elevation has been an adjustment…

I’m finally over it. I’m in great shape as far as cardio. I’m a runner. But the first couple of days you walk up a flight of stairs and you’re like, Woah. I didn’t know how dry it was here, so I’ve had to get used to that, too. But you get over it.

The Kid plays the Garner Galleria Theatre August 29–September 15; tickets start at $45.

—Image courtesy of Terry Shapiro/Denver Center

Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer
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