When an unnamed man arrived home to the 1200 block of Mesa Court in Golden on November 9, he noticed someone else’s white Lexus parked in his garage. Items in his home were out of place, too, so he grabbed a pistol from his bedroom and called out. Intruder Timothy P. Gonzales, 24, of Golden, emerged wearing nothing but the homeowner’s underwear—stolen underwear, according to 7News. Gonzales had showered, done laundry, and even stocked up the refrigerator in the home, which is for sale. When real estate agents came by with clients, Gonzales pretended that he was the owner. When the owner confronted Gonzales, the alleged robber and squatter argued that the pistol was fake and “moved aggressively.” That’s when the homeowner fired the warning shot that kept Gonzales at bay until police arrived. Gonzales was arrested for burglary, drug violations, and possession of a burglar’s tools, notes CBS4. Burglary charges, I presume, will include stealing another man’s underwear.