Hmm. Here’s an interesting tidbit of info from my friend over at Star Limousine. Seems that most of the PR people and celebrity publicists and managers are in town already, but the biggets bold names aren’t coming in until Saturday.

She politely skirted the issue of naming names, but apparently every limo and town car in their fleet is booked solid, save for a few reserved for individual runs for the VVIP last-minute emergencies. Most of the stars simply reserve a car and driver for the entire weekend, and the service remains on call, all the the time. The poor drivers rotate in 12 hour shifts. Ouch.

So tonight’s activities are sounding like the warm-up events for the big throw-downs on Saturday and Sunday. Good to know that we can ease ourselves quietly into the frenzied media mania and partyville scene of the next few days.

As for me, my limo driver (aka hubby) will drop and pick me up whenever possible, but I’m planning to break out the walking shoes most of the weekend. Not that I’ll be wearing my sneaks to these star-studded events, but I may opt out of the three-inch stilettos.

Unless I can sweet-talk my way into one of those VVIP reserved rides.

Yeah, I know. Fat chance. I’ll wear the comfortable shoes this weekend.