The Mutual UFO Network’s 40th annual UFO conference lands today in Denver and will stay until the city is either vaporized by aliens or until the event wraps up on Sunday—whichever comes first. Seriously, MUFON is expected to feature a long list of researchers and speakers at the Marriott Denver Tech Center, some planning to present evidence and research of recent UFO sightings in the United States and Canada, and others intending to debunk some sightings.

One presentation, for instance, will conclude that much of the UFO craze of the ’40s and ’50s was part of a disinformation campaign created by the feds during the cold war.

As James P. Carrion, MUFON’s international director and a computer expert tells dscriber, “We’re actually skeptics ourselves. … We want people to take the time to listen and examine the evidence.”

Just last month, the organization received 670 reports of UFO sightings, including 31 in Colorado, reports 9News. Colorado has long been a hotbed of strange activity in the skies, which is why MUFON is headquartered here (in Bellvue, a small town on Fort Collins’ northwest border). Meanwhile, Westword illustrates what it might look like to go back-to-school shopping at the “Mall of MUFON.”