You spent an hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Peña Boulevard, a TSA agent just unpacked all your underwear in front of an audience, and now your flight is delayed two hours. Sure, you could settle into a stool at Aviator’s Sports Bar with a PBR, but let’s be honest: Nothing takes the edge off like an airport lounge. And you don’t even have to be a cardholder to take advantage of the Denver International Airport’s latest addition.

In November, Capital One opened its long-awaited 10,800-square-foot lounge inside DIA Concourse A, near gate 34. It’s one of only three Capital One Lounges across the country, joining Dulles International Airport and the Dallas Fort Worth Texas Airport. A $65 fee grants anyone with a boarding pass access to premium lounge features, while Venture X and Venture X Business customers receive unlimited, complimentary access.

From relaxation rooms to chai lattes on tap, the lounge offers guests plenty of perks (and a little privacy to repack your unmentionables, if needed). Below, seven of our favorite features.

1. It Has the Biggest Bar of All the Capital One Lounges.

If you’ve made it past security, you deserve a drink. Luckily, the centerpiece of this new lounge is a trendy bar slinging locally inspired cocktails like the Juan Denver, a sage-infused tequila and mezcal drink with grapefruit and club soda, and the Colorado Cool-Aid, which is made with Mile High Spirits gin, vermouth, and the Spirit of Denver—an aperitif created exclusively for this lounge featuring dried sour cherries, yarrow root, and spruce tip.

If you prefer a pint before your flight, the bar also has a robust roster of local craft beer. Capital One even partnered with Cervecería Colorado to develop their rendition of the perfect airport beer: the Sky High P.A.

2. The Small Bites and Grab-and-Go Station Are Extra Convenient.

If you snapped at your kids in the security line and need a little snack to stave off the hanger, swing by the dining room where you’ll find small bites like spiced tater tots in the morning and balsamic teriyaki bowls all day. For larger, prepackaged meals made for in-flight eating, visit the grab-and-go station. Here, you can fill available grab bags with salads, sandwiches, snack mixes, yogurt, and more to take on your trip.

3. It Caters to Coffee Lovers.

Most lounges offer subpar java in a Styrofoam cup, but Capital One kept the coffee connoisseurs in mind when it installed a tap serving six different rotating beverages, from chai lattes to cold brew. In addition to the self-serve options, the bar also has two espresso machines, where baristas can whip up a cup of something special on request.

4. They Don’t Skimp on the Sweets.

Vacation is all about treating yourself, but if the hard gummy worms and stale muffins usually left out in lounges don’t satiate your sweet tooth, you’ll be pleased to find an impressive assortment of pastries here. No matter the hour, you can choose from chocolate croissants, fluffy lemon poppyseed muffins, delectable banana bread, and classic brownies. If you’re still not over the Hope’s Cookies counter closing in Concourse A, we have great news: You can score these gooey goodies inside the new lounge.

5. You Can Comfortably Claim Your Personal Space.

A relaxation room inside the Capital One Denver Lounge. Photo courtesy of Capital One

Given its sprawling floor plan (which is roughly the same size as Denver’s Delta Lounge, or a third the size of a United Club), the Capital One Lounge manages to host a lot of people without compromising comfort. Guests have three major areas to relax and unwind: the dining area, a traditional workspace, and a room filled with comfy chairs.

Travelers who anticipate being in the lounge for a while can visit the front desk to reserve a private workspace; a relaxation room with dark lighting, a reclining chair, and a privacy face shield (pictured); a parent’s room designed for nursing and featuring a well-stocked coffee and tea station; or a phone booth for a bit of added privacy.

6. The Bathrooms are Spotless and Spacious.

Let’s be blunt: The loos at this lounge are sparkling. Toward the back of the space you’ll find six private bathrooms that are regularly serviced and big enough to fit you, your luggage, and a small cow comfortably inside (although the lounge has luggage lockers you can use). If you’re stuck at DIA for a long layover, take advantage of one of the two fully stocked showers, which include complimentary towels, Dyson hair dryers, and toiletries—no one likes a stinky seatmate.

7. The Lounge Features Work From Emerging Local Artists.

The Capital One Denver Lounge doubles as a gallery, thanks to more than 50 pieces of artwork sprinkled throughout the space—most from burgeoning local creators. Look for work from knot artist Windy Chien, Denver muralist Gary Gomez, and fine artist Lindsay Anna Jones around the modern lounge. Most of the exhibited pieces are rendered in a contemporary style and focus on the global environment. The result is an eclectic mixture of portrait paintings and abstract, earthy designs.