As if summer school isn’t a harsh enough plague, the H1N1 virus (née swine flu) has shut down Stratton Meadows Elementary School in Colorado Springs after an employee was identified as having contracted the illness. According to 11News in Colorado Springs, the school is on lockdown for two days while it is sanitized, giving a short reprieve to the 90 students taking summer classes. Excel Academy Charter School in Arvada also closed for a brief period in May after a cases was confirmed there (via CBS4), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now verified 75 cases of the virus in Colorado, reports 7News. In other medical headlines, the New York Times reports that a pertussis study from Colorado seems to debunk the theory of herd immunity: that if most people in a group are vaccinated, everyone is protected. The results come from a whooping cough study and appear in the June issue of the peer-review science journal Pediatrics.